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About Tiffany

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I am a college professor who has been teaching programming for over 10 years.   I am dedicated to helping train new students in the programming field and helping people continue to grow in their skills. I have been featured in my local media for technology training and my students are consistently National Champions in Computer Programming at SkillsUSA

You can follow me on Twitter: @TheRhysma

Email me: tiffany@csharplearning.com

My personal page – www.rhysma.com


About C# Learning

C# Learning was founded on the idea of helping new and professional programmers learn the concepts behind the C# programming language.


Why I started this site

When I started college for programming, not only did it seem like it was going to be a difficult topic to learn but it felt like my instructors made it hard to learn by the way they taught it. After getting my degree and going to work I watched my coworkers continue to struggle with basic concepts they should have learned in school.  Once I got into teaching programming, I started working on ways to make it easier to learn programming and to make programming instruction more effective. I started this site as a way to share some of this knowledge and help anyone that wants to learn C#.


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