You can’t afford to fail in your programming goals.

Think about this scenario. Its 4 weeks until your programming final exam and every week the professor has been covering new material and each week he pauses at the end of his lecture to say “make sense?”.  “Everybody got it?”.  Any everyone in the room looks at him with eyes glazed over and glumly nods. They look at each other with despair. As the class is dismissed, the students shuffle out of the room and the sinking feeling is almost palatable.


Static variables



The list goes on….It can get overwhelming.

As you study hour after hour, its easy to wonder if you’re the only one that doesn’t get it. You start to feel isolated and alone.  Maybe you start to think that you can’t be good at programming or that this isn’t for you.

The most interesting thing I noticed during my time as a student was watching my friends as they struggled through their programming classes. Things that came easy to me just didn’t seem to click for them and I even had a few friends drop out or change majors over the years because they didn’t feel like they could be successful at this since they kept running into so many brick walls.

I understand how overwhelming it can be when a professor is shot-gunning new concepts at you every day. They’ve moved on five steps forward while you’re still looking two steps back.  The worst part is, everyone else in the room seems to get it – everyone except you.

There is one more challenging thing that almost no one talks about.

Students don’t just go to college to get As.  You’re not just attending classes on your own. You have the support of people around you – friends, teachers, mentors, parents, etc…Now its the time for you to show them that you are someone they can be proud of. To show everyone that you have what it takes.  It all comes down to being able to perform well on your programming tests and pass the classes.  Its not just about programming, its about the future. Its about becoming a software developer.  Its about achieving that goal.

Back to the classroom – the professor is standing up there talking and talking. What are you supposed to do?

Many students think, “I’ll just study more!”.  They stay up all night, drinking Monsters and Red Bulls and trying to consume as much information from their notes as possible. Whatever it takes because I am committed to passing the class. But it doesn’t work. With each passing day you begin to feel like you have a big problem.  You can’t even understand what the professor taught three weeks ago, how are you going to be able to keep up and move forward?

Impending doom is all you can feel.

I saw this happening over and over again to my friends and it puzzled me as my study habits were very different. I always got to bed on time, I woke up and studied and I felt like I sailed through college. I starting looking at the struggles around me and thought. “What I am doing differently?”.  Am I just a natural at this or am I actually studying in a different way? I would look over my friends notes as I tried to help them in their classes and I noticed that they did things in a completely different way. They just wrote down everything the professor said but never actually went home and wrote any code for themselves.  Programming is a skill that you have to practice and just writing down notes in class isn’t going to cut it.

You see, you may only have a small amount of time until your final or maybe you’re re-taking a programming course because things didn’t work out great the first time. How much ever time that you have, I can help you master programming, get the grade you deserve and allow you to show your parents, your friends, your family and most importantly, yourself that you’re here for a reason. Its not an accident. An once you have mastered the basic concepts, this is the first step towards a successful career in programming. I know I can help and I’ve helped hundreds of students like you.


“The mechanics of the object-oriented programming approach wound up being the most difficult thing for me to learn, probably because I’d done some coding in the past in C and BASIC.  At first it seemed like a lot of extra work, but it makes sense now that I’ve used your video course to help me understand it.” – John


I chose to learn programming through college courses rather than through online resources mostly because I have a hard time keeping myself focused enough to accomplish it on my own. Tiffany emails you once a week to see how you are doing and gives you feedback if you post your code to the Facebook group.” – Matt

The system I’ve created, takes a very unique approach. Every week, I will send you a video with a new project-based code review so that you can understand the basics of code structure and using C# programming to its fullest. You will get my source code so that you can review everything I’ve done in the video. You will get practice problems so you can start to apply these ideas on your own. There is also practice quizzes I have written to help you retain the information you have learned as well as access to our community Facebook group where you can get help and not feel like the only person in the room that doesn’t get it.

This is not only going to help you learn more about C# programming, but its going to solidify the key concepts necessary for all programming so that you can be more successful in your classes and meet your goals.

This isn’t just an idea that I had one day. My methods have been tested with hundreds of students that have gotten results from my program.


“When new developers are first learning how to code, it is not uncommon for them to stumble upon an error that leaves them completely befuddled and without working code.  Mrs. Ford tutorials give you a way to view problems with working code that you can download. You learn the right way to dissect the problem and find the proper working approach to fixing it.” – Stephanie


 “I was in a programming class and was struggling. About 2/3 of the class was having a hard time. I struggled to understand the information and didn’t want to drop. Tiffany’s C# tutorial video course really helped to fill in the gaps that I was having in class and improve my grade.” – Marcus


Its one thing to sit in class.  Anyone can show up to class.  Its another thing to study hard and most programming students do study hard.  But it’s not enough.  This material, this is hard. To master this material, you have to study smart. And that means not just memorizing it, but digging in and learning the inner-workings on a fundamental level so that you know that you know it. Its important to overlay a structure and know the information that is important as well as the information that isn’t worth memorizing.


Want to get a free taste of what my program is about? Sign up for my newsletter to get access to my free Programming Study Skills eBook.  This isn’t going to be more information that you have to learn how to use, its going to be able to augment what you are already learning and you can start using it right away.

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